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Competitive Strengths

Experienced and Qualified Management Team and Technical Personnel

We have a proven management team led by founders who have over 50 years of collective experience in the pigments and pesticides industry.

The production operations at each of our plants are managed by a team of skilled technical engineers with the requisite technical know-how to carry out our production processes. It is through their consistent research and development efforts in improving our production processes that we have developed an extensive range of products suitable for use in a multitude of applications. Our technical staff is highly qualified and trained, and many have had working experience with MNCs and other reputed large Indian companies. We have a workforce of over 600 employees. It is the expertise and dedication of our people that provide us the leverage to respond quickly to changing market trends and demands in the pigments and agrochemicals industry.

Diversified Customer Base

Our Pigments customers are mainly MNCs from a wide range of industries such as printing inks, plastics, paints, textiles and leather, paper and rubber. We have more than 100 Pigment products customers from various countries in North America, Europe, Central and Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.

We have more than 30 Agrochemical customers, which include leading pesticides manufacturers from countries in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, as well as end users in the domestic Indian market.

We have a distribution network of 20 overseas distributors catering to our international markets for our Pigments and Agrochemical products, and a chain of over 1,000 stockists, agents, distributors and dealers covering the domestic market in India.

Cost Advantage

Vertical integration of production processes yields some upstream products that are used as raw materials for our pigment and agrochemical products. This allows for effective management of costs and ensures regular supply of raw material of the desired quality.

Multi functional design of our agrochemical production facilities provides flexibility to meet changing demand requirements.

Strategic location of our production facilities at close proximity to sources of raw materials lowers procurement costs. Collectively, these features provide a distinct cost advantage to our Company.

Established brand names

Our Company's brands, 'Megastar', 'Megacyper' (Pesticide Formulations) and 'Meghafast' (Pigments) are recognized names among consumers in India, Europe, USA and Latin America.