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Business Overview

Our Company

We are principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of Pigments and Agrochemicals. We carry out our manufacturing activities at four plants all situated in Gujarat, India.

Our Pigment Products

We manufacture the following Pigment products:
  • Pigment Green - Pigment Green 7;

  • Pigment Blue - CPC Blue, Alpha Blue and Beta Blue.
Pigment Blue is a cyclic product of copper and reaction between phthalic anhydride and urea. Alpha Blue and Beta Blue are variations of Phthlocyanine Blues. Alpha Blue is redder in shade and of smaller particle size and is available as crystallizing type and non-crystallizing non-flocculating type. Beta Blue yields bright greenish blue shades with slightly lower tintorial strength. Beta Blue is of a more stable crystal formulation than Alpha Blue and is available as the non-crystallizing type and the non-crystallizing non-flocculating type.

Pigment Green 7, a green organic pigment, is chlorinated and a derivative of Pigment Blue. Pigment Green 7 is crystal stable and is of non-crystallising non-flocculating type. Pigment Green 7 provides a yellowish shade of green.

Our range of Pigment Green and Pigment Blue products are differentiated by the following characteristics:
  1. the particular intermediate shade of Pigment Green and Pigment Blue, which currently include Pigment Blue 15.1, Pigment Blue 15.2, Pigment Blue 15.3 and Pigment Blue 15.4;

  2. crystallising type, which determines the brilliance and brightness of products;

  3. non-crystallising type, which determines the ability of products to maintain their colour under all conditions; and

  4. non-crystallising non-flocculating type, which determines the ability of products to spread evenly over the surfaces that they are applied on.
Our Pigment Green and Pigment Blue products are sold and used in multiple applications, including printing inks, plastics, rubber, paints (for exterior and interior surfaces), textiles, leather and paper.

CPC Blue is an upstream product and is a raw material used for the manufacture of our Pigment Blue and Pigment Green products. CPC Blue is also sold to other manufacturers of pigments including a related party for the manufacture of textile dyestuffs.

Our Agrochemical Products

We manufacture Agrochemical products which are Pesticides mainly used for basic crop protection and public health, as well as Pesticide Intermediates. Our Agrochemical products are regulated products and require prior registration with the relevant governing authorities in each country before they are allowed to be sold. As such, we need to comply with the specific qualitative standards and permitted toxicity levels set by the relevant governing authorities in order to obtain the requisite product registration.

Our Agrochemical products fall into three main categories:
  • Pesticide Intermediates

  • Technical Grade Pesticides

  • Pesticide Formulations
We sell our Pesticide Intermediates and Technical Grade Pesticides in bulk packings such as in steel drums to Technical Grade Pesticides manufacturers and Formulators respectively.

Our Pesticide Formulations are produced using Technical Grade Pesticides manufactured in-house as well as purchased from external suppliers. We sell our Pesticide Formulations in bulk packing directly to our institutional customers who are Formulators. In addition, we also sell our Pesticide Formulations in small packing (such as in aluminium bottles or laminated pouches) as follows:
  • under our own brand name to our retail customers through our agents and distributors; or

  • directly to our institutional customers where we may, at the request of these customers, affix their brand names on the small packing for their resale.
Our Agrochemical products are used:
  • as an active ingredient in the Agrochemicals manufacturing industry;

  • by Formulators for the manufacture of Pesticide Formulations, pack into small packing for sale to direct end users;

  • by the farming community; and

  • by government agencies for pests control and public health.
Pesticides are applied on crops in their formulated form instead of in their technical form. For crop use, formulations in powdered form and emulsions are most commonly used. For other non-crop applications, more advanced formulations are used. Our Pesticides can be used on a broad range of crops and insects, and are used on fruits, vegetables and common crops such as cotton, rice, groundnuts and chillies. Depending on the chemical nature of the Pesticides, they have different action against insects.

Apart from the application of our products on crops, our products also have non-crop uses, such as:
  • the control of insects at warehouses for food grain storage;

  • for public health, primarily against mosquitoes; and

  • for use against termites, in wood preservations both for household and non-household purposes.